Table 2.

Relative rates of growth of RB2256 cells at late log phase to 7 days of starvation following nutrient upshift into ASW-glucose or VNSS

Stage of growthRelative rate of growth during indicated period after nutrient upshift toa:
ASW-glucose (3 mM)VNSS
0–2 h2–6 h0–2 h2–6 h
Late log phase110.81
Onset of starvation10.90.51
1 day of starvation0.80.90.61
2 days of starvation0.50.40.61
4 days of starvation0.40.40.51
7 days of starvation0.
  • a Relative rates of growth were calculated by dividing the growth rates observed following nutrient upshift (from 0 to 2 and 2 to 6 h after the upshift) by the maximum growth rates observed during log-phase growth. The data are the averages of results for four experiments. The maximum standard deviation was 25%.