Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant phenotype or genotypeSource or reference
L. lactis subsp.cremoris
  NCDO763Wild-type strain8
  TIL462-kb plasmid-free derivative of NCDO76329
  MG1363Plasmid-free derivative of NCDO71211
  TIL54Tcr, Emr, derivative of TIL46 containing pTIL18BThis work
  TIL55Tcr, PepX derivative of TIL54This work
  TIL200Apr, Emr, PepP derivative of TIL46This work
  TIL201Apr, Emr, Tcr, PepP-PepX derivative of TIL46This work
Escherichia coliTG112
 pBluescript SK(+)Apr, M13 ori,a pBr322 oriStratagene (La Jolla, Calif.)
 pTAgApr, KmrR&D Systems
 pG+host4Emr, ori thermosensitive,b 3.8 kb20
 pIL253Emr, 4.9 kb39
 pTIL16Apr,pepX in pBluescript SK(+), 5.2 kbThis work
 pTIL18AApr, Tcr, integration of Tc cassette in pepX (BglII site of pTIL16), 9.2 kbThis work
 pTIL18BTcr, Emr, cloning the interrupted pepX gene in BamHI andXhoI sites of pG+host4, 11.8 kbThis work
 pTIL101Apr, pepP fragment in pTAg, 4.5 kbThis work
 pTIL102Apr, Emr,Sau3A fragment of pIL253 in pepP(BamHI site of pTIL101), 5.7 kbThis work
 pTIL131Apr, pepP N-terminal part in pBluescript SK(+), 3 kbThis work
  • a ori, origin of replication.

  • b Contains the E. colithermosensitive origin of replication.