Table 2.

Diversity indices obtained for rDNA libraries from triplicate unimproved and improved grassland soil samples

Diversity indexaLibrary from unimproved grasslandLibrary from improved grasslandIndex range (n = 45)bPooled dataIndex range (n = 135)b
% Coverage15.5613.336.678.8915.5611.1100015.5617.781000
Species abundance37.839.
  • a For all indices except species abundance, numbers of clones in individual libraries and pooled data sets were reduced to 45 and 135, respectively, by randomly removing sequence data from larger libraries. Species abundance was calculated by rarefaction, where the expected number of species in a library containing 45 clones or a data set containing 135 clones was determined by using complete data sets.

  • b Values are the minimum and maximum values which could be obtained for libraries containing n sequences at minimum diversity and maximum diversity.