Table 1.

Probe sequence used for FISH

TargetSequence (5′-3′)aProbe namebReference
Control (no group)c CCTAGTGACGCCGTCGACControl 32
UniversalGWATTACCGCGGCKGCTGS-*-Univ-0519-a-A-18 24a
Bacteria ACCGCTTGTGCGGGCCCS-Bact-0927-b-A-17 18
α-ProteobacteriaCGTTCGYTCTGAGCCAGS-Sc-aProt-0019-a-A-17 29
Cytophaga-FlavobacteriumgroupTGGTCCGTRTCTCAGTACS-*-CF-0319-a-A-18 3
  • a W = A or T; Y = C or T; R = A or G.

  • b Probe names based on names in the Oligonucleotide Probe Database (31a).

  • c There were more than three mismatches compared with all of the rRNA sequences in the RDP database, and there was no appropriate Oligonucleotide Probe Database name.