Table 5.

Specificity of gyrB PCR primers in the differentiation of B. cereus, B. thuringiensis, B. anthracis, and B. mycoides

Bacterial strain and serotypeaAmplification of a specific PCR fragmentb that identified the strain as:
B. cereusB. thuringiensisB. anthracis
B. cereus
 JCM 2152T+
B. thuringiensis
 berliner (IAM 12077T)+
 kurstaki (HD-1)+
B. anthracis Pasteur#2H+
B. mycoides ATCC 6462T
  • a JCM, Japan Collection of Microorganisms; IAM, Institute of Applied Microorganisms; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; and T, type strain.

  • b PCR primer sets BC1-BC2r, BT1-BT2r, and BA1-BA2r were used to amplify B. cereus-,B. thuringiensis-, and B. anthracis-specific fragments, respectively.