Table 2.

Diversity indices based onRsaI-BstUI RFLP phylotypes in 16S rDNA clone libraries and culture collections from four soil environments

IndexClone librariesCulture collections
E(S)a 150 (1.3)147 (4.3)127 (2.3)150 (NA)f 7 (0.5)14 (NA)7 (0.6)15 (1.6)
Hb 7.0677.0926.6127.0182.4053.2541.5413.337
Evennessc 0.9720.9670.9360.9710.8020.8550.5140.800
Dd 0.9910.9900.9810.9900.7570.8590.4480.843
D/Dmax e 0.9970.9970.9890.9970.8650.9250.5120.893
  • a E(S) was calculated by rarefaction (21, 43) for a standardized sample size of 190 clones for each clone library and 37 isolates for each culture collection. The values in parentheses are the variances arising from inherent statistical uncertainty during the estimation of phylotype richness for sample sizes smaller than the actual sample size.

  • b H was calculated as follows (31): H = − Σ (pi) (log2pi) where pi is the proportion of the ith phylotype.

  • c Evenness (E) (31) was calculated from H as follows: E = H/Hmax, where Hmax= log2(S) and S is the total number of phylotypes.

  • d D was calculated as follows (44): D = 1 − Σ (pi)2. The scale for D ranges from 1 to Dmax, where Dmax = 1 − 1/(S).

  • e Since the scale for D varies between communities according to S, we standardized the measure by dividing by Dmax. This provided an evenness index conceptually similar to the index derived from the Shannon-Weiner function.

  • f NA, not applicable.