Table 2.

Results of PCR amplification ofcd 1- and Cu-nir genes in bacterial isolates from activated sludge

Bacterial isolateaGroupbNitrite reduc-tioncPCRdresult obtained with nir primer:
80gα-Purple, rhodobacter group++
k7gγ-Purple, pseudomonas under-group++
89NDe +
2:99gβ-Purple, rubrivivax group+0
R51gβ-Purple, rubrivivax group++
110β-Purple, rubrivivax group+
123β-Purple, rubrivivax group+
  • a Isolates were provided by G. Dalhammar, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

  • b Determined by Magnusson et al. (16).

  • c Determined by measurements of nitrite reduction rates (G. Dahlhammar).

  • d +, visible band of the expected size; 0, band of any other size; −, no visible band (this study).

  • e ND, not determined.