Table 7.

Comparison of gyrB PCR and 16S rDNA hybridization probe techniques in the differentiation of B. cereus and B. thuringiensis

Bacterial strain or serotypeHybridization signal positive for:Amplification ofgyrB PCR fragment that is specific to:
B. cereusaB. thurin-giensisbB. cereuscB. thurin-giensisdB. an-thracise
B. cereus
 JCM 2152T++
 Nagoya 126f++
 Nagoya 127f++
B. thuringiensis
 berliner (IAM 12077T)++
 kurstaki (HD-1)++
B. anthracis Pasteur #2H+
B. mycoides ATCC 6462T+
  • a B. cereus-specific 16S rDNA-based probe (39).

  • b B. thuringiensis-specific 16S rDNA-based probe (39).

  • c BC1-BC2r primer set was used.

  • d BT1-BT2r primer set was used.

  • e BA1-BA2r primer set was used. Ba primer set was also used (35).

  • f Food isolate obtained from Nagoya Public Health Research Institute.