Table 3.

Percentage of recovery of bacteriophages of B. fragilis from feces of various animal species using different host strains, F-specific phages, and levels of fecal coliforms

Host strain% Positive samples from:
Pigs (n = 13)Poultry (n = 14)Cows (n = 11)Sheep and horses (n = 7)Humans (n = 43)
B. fragilisHSP40000010–13a
B. fragilisRYC40230000NDc
B. fragilisRYC323431090NDc
B. fragilisRYC205631290028
B. fragilisRYC33175429180NDc
B. fragilisRYC33184614014NDc
E. coliHS(pFamp)Rb 4650929NDc
Fecal coliforms100100100100NDc
  • a Data obtained from references15 and 34.

  • b Host strain for F-specific phages.

  • c ND, not done.