Table 3.

Base-pair substitutions and similarities in 16S rDNA nucleotide sequences for various Bacillus species

BacteriumStrainAcces-sion no.aNo. of base-pair substitutions or % similarity in:
B. ce-reusB. thuringiensisB. an-thracisB. my-coides
B. cereusATCC 14579TD1626699.6c100c99.4c
B. thuringiensisATCC 12077TX550625b99.6c99.3c
B. anthracisSterneX550590b5b99.4c
B. mycoidesATCC 6462TZ845928b10b8b
  • a Taken from GenBank public database.

  • b Base-pair substitutions in 16S rDNA nucleic acid sequences.

  • c Percentage of similarity in 16S rDNA nucleic acid sequences.