Table 3.

Oligonucleotides used for DNA probe construction and sequencing

PrimerUseSequencea(5′ to 3′)
FPs cd 1probe (P. stutzeri) CAT CGT CGC TTC GCA CAT
RPs cd 1 probe (P. stutzeri) GGT GAT GAC GCG CTT GAG
FAfCu probe (A. faecalis) GGC AAC TCG CTG CAT TAC GAC C
RAfCu probe (A. faecalis) CCA GGC TGC TTG AAG GTG TAG AGC
IcdRInternal cd 1 -nirsequence GGT CTT GAT RAA CAG CGW GCC
IIcdFInternalcd 1 -nirsequence GGC WCG CTG TTY ATC AAG ACC
  • a R, A and G; W, A and T; Y, C and T.