Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsaReference
SK36Wild-type S. sanguinis45
DL1Wild-type S. gordonii46
SK36 ΔspxBSK36, ΔspxB; ErmrThis study
DL1 ΔspxBDL1, ΔspxB; ErmrThis study
SK36 spxB-FLAGSK36 with spxB-FLAG tag (markerless); ErmrThis study
DL1 spxB-FLAGDL1 with spxB-FLAG tag (markerless); ErmrThis study
133-79Wild-type S. sanguinis, endocarditis isolate47
JM1S. gordonii, low-passage-number oral isolateUnpublished data
S. parasanguinisFive low-passage-number oral isolates19
S. dentisaniTwo low-passage-number oral isolates19
S. mitisTwo low-passage-number oral isolates19
S. oralisLow-passage-number oral isolate19
pDL278Shuttle vector; Spcr48
  • a Ermr, erythromycin resistant; Spcr, spectinomycin resistant.