Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used during this investigation

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionReference or source
E. coliZK918ZK126rpoS(IS insert) λ(bolA::lacZ) lysogenaR. Kolter
S. entomophila
  BC4BEMS-induced phageRderivative of A1MO2; Path+19
  BC4BRSMarker-interrupted rpoS-minus mutant of BC4BThis study
 pADAPCryptic plasmid found in pathogenic strains of S. entomophila andS. proteamaculans encoding amber disease determinants4
 pALCpLacZ3 containing a chloramphenicol cassette and ananfA1::lacZ fusionThis study
 pLacZ3lacZ translational-fusion vector7
 pLCpLacZ3 containing a chloramphenicol cassetteThis study
 pSERS1pBR322 with a 4.2-kb EcoRI-SalI genomic DNA fragment with therpoS gene of BC4BThis study
 pSERS2pACYC184 with a 4.0-kb SalI-AvaI genomic DNA fragment with the rpoS gene of BC4BThis study
 pSERS3Deletion of a 0.6-kb BamHI fragment of pSERS1 and insertion of aBamHI fragment from pNK2859 (10) encoding kanamycin resistanceThis study
 pSERS4EcoRI-SalI fragment from pSERS3 cloned into pLAFR3This study
  • a IS, insertion sequence.