Table 1.

Primers used in this study

PrimeraSequence (5′-3′)TargetReference
Bac32FAACGCTAGCTACAGGCTT Bacteroides-Prevotella This study
Bac303RCCAATGTGGGGGACCTTC Bacteroides-Prevotella b
Bac708RCAATCGGAGTTCTTCGTG Bacteroides-Prevotella This study
Bif164FGGGTGGTAATGCCGGATG Bifidobacterium 36
Bif601RTAAGCGATGGACTTTCACACC Bifidobacterium This study
  • a Bac, Bacteroides-Prevotella; Bif, Bifidobacterium. The numbers correspond to numbers in the E. coli 16S rRNA gene.

  • b Modified from the study of Manz et al. (40).