Table 2.

Acetate production from glucose catabolism at different times of rice field soil incubationa

Day of incuba-tionRecovery of [14C]glucose as [14C]acetate (%)bRate of acetate production from glucose (nmol g−1h−1)cTotal acetate turnover rate (nmol g−1 h−1)% Acetate turned over via glucoseTotal CH4 production (nmol g−1h−1)CH4 production from acetate (nmol g−1 h−1)
(1 − RI) × acetate turnover rate(SRCH4/SR[2-14C]acetate) × total CH4 production
0 44.512.322.954
5 43.8321.36.54,928
  • a Each value represents the mean of two replicates.

  • b Recovery of [14C]glucose as [14C]acetate, assuming that two-thirds of the radioactivity of glucose is maximally converted to acetate.

  • c Glucose turnover rate × fraction (percent) of acetate production from glucose.