Table 2.

Physical and biological parameters for the samples from which the libraries were generated

Marine regionDepth (m)Temp (°C)Salinity (‰)Chlorophyll concn (μg liter−1)Prokaryote concn (105cells ml−1)DNA yield (μg liter−1)Library(ies)a
North Atlantic Ocean511.835.330.854.181.30AT-5
Cantabrian Sea1514.335.670.505.600.69CA-15
Alboran Sea518.136.560.986.350.73ME-5
Santa Barbara Channel013.933.41SB-0
2009.034.05SB-200, SB-200B
Drake Passage, north56.934.120.353.340.31DN-5
Drake Passage, frontal zone57.234.100.455.460.33DF-5
Drake Passage, south50.734.140.432.010.27DS-5
Arthur Harbor (4 August 1996)b20−1.833.700.101.50AM-20A
Arthur Harbor (16 August 1996)20AM-20B
  • a Most libraries were derived from amplicons produced with primers 21f and 958r. The exceptions were the SB-200B library (derived from amplicons produced with primers 20f and 1392r) and the AM-20A and AM-20B libraries (derived from amplicons produced with primers 20f and 958r).

  • b Average data for September 1996.