Table 4.

GenBank clones that include the sequence region from position 21 to position 958 and match group I or group II probes

Clone or organismOTUOriginReference
SBAR5I-OAaMarine plankton, surface8
SBAR12I-AAMarine plankton, surface8
SBAR1AII-EEMarine plankton, surface8
SBAR16II-KAMarine plankton, surface8
WHARQI-CAMarine plankton, surface8
WHARNII-CLMarine plankton, surface8
OARBII-BBMarine plankton, surface9
ANT12I-AAMarine plankton, surface9
ANT5II-CLMarine plankton, surface9
FB7I-BBMarine plankton, 200 m4
Cenarchaeum symbiosumI-PBSponge endosymbiont41
PVA-OTU2I-CDHydrothermal vent, 1,000 m31
PVA-OTU3I-EDHydrothermal vent, 1,000 m31
PVA-OTU4I-CDHydrothermal vent, 1,000 m31
PVA-OTU1II-FHHydrothermal vent, 1,000 m31
LMA137I-AFFreshwater sediment, 100 m24
LMA226I-JDFreshwater sediment, 100 m24
LMA229I-ADFreshwater sediment, 100 m24
LMA238I-AFFreshwater sediment, 100 m24
FF619II-EHMarine fish digestive tract47
FF620II-EHMarine fish digestive tract47
FIN625II-FHMarine fish digestive tract47
TS10C286I-CDMarine particles47
TS10C299I-CDMarine particles47
TS235C306I-CDMarine particles47
TS235C310I-AIMarine particles47
TS10C294II-FHMarine particles47
TS10C298II-EHMarine particles47
TS235C302II-EDMarine particles47
JTA47I-AAMarine sediments, 6,400 mb
JTA266I-SAMarine sediments, 6,400 m— 
JTB153I-RAMarine sediments, 6,400 m— 
JTB167I-EAMarine sediments, 6,400 m— 
JTB168I-CAMarine sediments, 6,400 m— 
Mar-Ar-1I-TDMarine sediments, 11,000 m23
Mar-Ar-11I-TDMarine sediments, 11,000 m23
Mar-Ar-15I-RAMarine sediments, 11,000 m23
C6I-AAMarine plankton, 500 m— 
C20I-AGMarine plankton, 500 m— 
C33I-CAMarine plankton, 500 m— 
C46I-AAMarine plankton, 500 m— 
C48I-AAMarine plankton, 500 m— 
PM7I-QBMarine plankton, 500 m— 
PM8I-QHMarine plankton, 500 m— 
  • a Boldface type indicates an OTU that was not represented in our libraries.

  • b —, data obtained from GenBank (unpublished data).