Table 4.

Accumulation of PHA in recombinant P. fragiusing various carbon sources

PlasmidCarbon source (%, wt/wt)PHA content (% [wt/wt] of CDW)Composition of PHA (mol%)
pBBR1MCS-2Gluconateb(1.5)Tracec NDNDTraceTraceND
Glucose (1.5)TraceNDNDTraceTraceND
Glycerol (1.0)TraceNDNDTraceTraceND
Oleate (0.2)TraceNDNDTraceTraceND
pBHR86Gluconateb(1.5)9.2 22263 76
Glucose (1.5)2.4ND1469152
Glycerol (1.0)3.9ND1363177
Oleate (0.2)5.6114333121
  • a Cultivations were performed under PHA storage conditions on MM containing 0.05% (wt/vol) ammonium chloride and various carbon sources. Cells were grown at 30°C for 48 h. Abbreviations: 3HHx, 3-hydroxyhexanoate; 3HO, 3-hydroxyoctanoate; 3HD, 3-hydroxydecanoate; 3HDD, 3-hydroxydodecanoate; 3HDD:1, 3-hydroxydodecenoate; ND, not detectable.

  • b Corresponding sodium salt of carbon source was used.

  • c Trace, ≤1% of CDW.