Table 1.

Mosquitocidal activities of spore-crystal mixtures from various B. sphaericus strains against fourth-instar larvae of A. aegypti andC. pipiens

B. sphaericus strainToxin componentsLC50(ng/ml)a
A. aegyptiC. pipiens
2297Binary toxin>5,000b 20.2 (18.6–21.9)
2297pro::aphA3 Binary toxin>5,000b 15.8 (14.4–17.3)
2297bin::cry11A Binary toxin, Cry11A1,175 (965–1,446)18.5 (16.2–20.9)
2297pro::cry11A Binary toxin, Cry11A912 (715–1,186)18.6 (16.9–20.6)
2297pro::cry11Ba Binary toxin, Cry11Ba452 (386–530)10.5 (9.2–12)
2297bin::cry11A pro::cry11Ba Binary toxin, Cry11A, Cry11Ba986 (792–1,249)39.2 (36.2–42.8)
  • a LC50 expressed in nanograms of spore-crystal mixture per milliliter after 48 h. Means are from at least four independent assays. Numbers in parentheses are 95% confidence limits, as determined by Probit analysis.

  • b Less than 50% mortality observed.