Table 7.

Overview of bsh mutants

MutantMutationActivity in B. longumActivity in E. coliProtein in B. longumaProtein in E. colia
A3Spontaneous mutant, G-A transition creating a stop codon in place of amino acid 200 (Trp), deletion of 117 amino acidsNo activity detectedActivityNo protein detectedProtein of original size
2503UV-induced T-C transition causing Leu80Ser exchangeNo activity detectedNo activity detectedProtein presentProtein present
2001Insertion of G after GG of Gly-267, causing a frameshift and loss of the last 50 amino acidsNo activityNo activityNo proteinNo protein
C1Ab Site-directed mutagenesis of TG of Cys-1 to GC, resulting in Cys1Ala exchangeNo activityProtein present
  • a The presence of BSH was determined by Western blotting with polyclonal antibodies.

  • b Mutation present only in bshcloned in E. coli.