Table 4.

Relative activity and Km values ofB. longum BSH with various bile salts

Substrate (−OH positions)aRelative activity (%)Km (mM)
GCA (3α, 7α, 12α)850.16
GDCA (3α, 12α)910.28
GCDCA (3α, 7α)1000.13
TCA (3α, 7α, 12α)431.12
TDCA (3α, 12α)290.79
TCDCA (3α, 7α)510.33
THDCA (3α, 6α)11NDb
TUDCA (3α, 7β)19ND
  • a GCA, glycocholic acid; GDCA, glycodeoxycholic acid; GCDCA, glycochenodeoxycholic acid; TCA, taurocholic acid; TDCA, taurodeoxycholic acid; TCDCA, taurochenodeoxycholic acid; THDCA, taurohyodeoxycholic acid; TUDCA, tauroursodeoxycholic acid.

  • b ND, not determined.