Table 6.

Alignment of the regions immediately upstream of the ATG start codons of six Bifidobacterium genes and B. longum BSH with the 16S rRNA 3′-terminal consensus sequence

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  • a The sequence of the 3′ end ofBifidobacterium 16S ribosomal DNA is 3′ tcttcctccactagg 5′, shown in lowercase letters under each SD region. The box indicates the central AGG motif of the SD region in bifidobacteria.

  • b Distance (in nucleotides) between ATG and the core AGG sequence in the SD region.

  • c The numbers in parentheses are GenBank nucleotide sequence accession numbers.

  • d Possible alignment of the 3′ end of the 16S ribosomal DNA with the upstream region of bsh.