Table 2.

In vivo emission of N2O by earthworms obtained from various sources

Earthworm sourceEarthworm speciesNo. of replicatesMean N2O emission rate (nmol h−1 g [fresh wt]−1)a
Garden soil (Heinersreuth)A. caliginosa70.64 (0.13)
L. rubellus20.54 (NA)
O. lacteum10.29 (NA)
Total100.58 (0.17)
Garden soil (Weidenberg)A. caliginosa150.27 (0.27)
L. rubellus10.87 (NA)
O. lacteum50.14 (0.10)
Total210.24 (0.25)
Beech forest soil (Geisberg)L. rubellus40.43 (0.08)
CommercialL. terrestris110.00 (0.01)
CommercialbL. terrestris110.08 (0.06)
  • a The values in parentheses are standard deviations. NA, not applicable.

  • b Earthworms were incubated in fresh garden soil for 2.5 days prior to analysis.