Table 5.

Percentages of cells labeled with probes HGC69a, LGC354a, LGC354b, and LGC354c after ethanol and PFA fixation, relative to DAPI counts

Sample%a of cells labeled with the following probe(s) after the indicated type of fixation:
HGC69aLGC354a, LGC354b, and LGC354c
Alberta37.5 (3.7)4.3 (1.0)33.20 (0)4.6 (0)−4.6
Sage A22.2 (0.3)17.3 (1.1)4.95.0 (0.9)6.6 (0.1)−1.6
Sage B31.7 (2.4)13.6 (1.2)18.113.1 (1.9)8.7 (0.8)4.4
  • a Reported as mean (standard deviation) for two to four replicates.