Table 1.

Differences in soil properties between the Kohala forest soil and pasture soil

SoilSoil classificationpHTotal carbon (%)Total nitrogen (%)NO3-N (μg/g)NH4+-N (μg/g)Cation exchange capacity (meq/100 g)Soil bulk density (g/cm3)Dominating plant
ForestTypic Placandept4. polymorphac
PastureTypic Placandept5.28.1NDa5.622.451.90.587P. clandestinumd
  • a ND, not determined.

  • b Data from Crews et al. (1).

  • c The overstory is dominated by M. polymorpha, a native C-3 tree.

  • d P. clanestinum is an African C-4 grass.