Table 3.

Difference alignment of the target sequence of probe XAN818 and sequences of exemplary matching target organisms and nontarget organisms

SpeciesEMBL accession no.No. of mismatchesSequencea
Luteimonas mephitis AJ012228 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGAGCAAUC
Pseudoxanthomonas broegbernensis AJ012231 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGUUCAACU
Stenotrophomonas africae U62646 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGUGCAAUU
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia X95923 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGUGCAAUU
Stenotrophomonas nitritireducens AJ012229 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGUGCAAUU
Xanthomonas campestris X95917 0 GCCCUAAAC==================GGUGCAAUU
Xylella fastidiosa M26601 0 GCCCUAAAC==================AGUGCAAAU
Beggiatoa alba L40994 2 GCCCUAAAC====a=====A=======GGAGAGACU
Acidiphilium acidophilum M79399 3 GCUGUAAAC====u=Ug==========GGN
Gluconobacter oxydans subsp.oxydans X73820 3 GCUGUAAAC====u=Ug==========GGAAACUUA
  • a The target sequence was 5′GAUGCGAACUGGAUGUUG′3. All target sequences begin at position 818 (E. coli numbering [6]). Equal signs indicate matches to the target sequence. Strong and weak mismatches are indicated by upper- and lowercase letters, respectively, according to Stahl and Amann (33).