Table 3.

Frequencies and phylogenetic affiliations of North Sea 16S rRNA clonesa

Phylogenetic groupNo. (%) of clonesNext relative to cloneb% 16S rRNA similarity
Bacteria54 (100)
α-Proteobacteria4 (7.5)
 SAR116 clusterc3Unidentified alpha proteobacterium clone OM25d95.5
Roseobacter1Marine bacterium strain SFR1e97.9
γ-Proteobacteria49 (92.5)
 SAR86 clusterc44 (83)
  Group A17Unidentified gamma proteobacterium clone OM10d97.8–99.2
  Group B27Unidentified gamma proteobacterium clone OCS5AF001651d96.9–98.1
Thiomicrospira2Coxiella burnetiiD8979588.4
 Unknown affiliation2Clone of macroaggregate clone 44f99.2
 Unknown affiliation1Unidentified gamma proteobacterium clone OM60d95.3
ɛ-Proteobacteria1 (2)
Arcobacter1A. butzleri92.2
  • a Obtained in September and November.

  • b In the ARB database.

  • c Reference 35.

  • d Reference 42.

  • e Reference 18.

  • f Reference 12.