Table 5.

Effect of prefiltering the aluminum chloride solutions used in viral adsorption experiments on viral adsorption to Millipore HA filters at pH 7a

Virus% Viral adsorption
Not prefilteredPrefiltered
MS2>99 Ab 13 B
PRD-198 A8 B
φX17495 A14 B
Poliovirus 1>99 A16 B
  • a The concentration of aluminum chloride in 100 ml of dechlorinated water containing 105 PFU of virus per ml was adjusted to 0.0001 M. Fifty milliliters was passed through a Millipore HA filter at a rate of 1.5 ml/s. The remaining 50 ml was first passed through a glass fiber prefilter (Millipore GS). This solution was then passed through a Millipore HA filter. In each experiment the numbers of viruses in the influent and effluent were measured, and the corresponding percentage of adsorption was determined.

  • b Values on the same line followed by different letters are significantly different at P = 0.05.