Table 1.

Comparison of phylotype richness, diversity and evenness values for the C0 (sandy loam interspace) and S0 (cinder interspace) bacterial communities, derived from three different methods

Parameter16S rDNA clone librariesCommunity TRF
C0 clone, RsaI+BstUI RFLPsS0 clone, RsaI+BstUI RFLPsC0 clone, RsaI TRFS0 clone, RsaI TRFC0 soil DNA, RsaI TRFS0 soil DNA, RsaI TRF
Sa 154134737520 (15)b 20 (14)
Hc 7.0676.6125.5865.4363.7093.765
H/H max d 0.9720.9360.9030.8730.8580.871
  • a Phylotype richness, S, was calculated as the total number of distinct TRF sizes (peaks between 94 and 827 bp) in a profile.

  • b Number in parentheses indicates the number of TRF sizes in the profile from soil DNA that were also observed among 16S rDNA clones obtained from the same soil DNA 4 years previously. The discrepancy between the number of RsaI TRFs observed among the clones (73 and 75 TRFs) and the number observed in the profiles from soil DNA (20 TRFs in each) may have been the result of degradation of the soil DNA template during storage for 4 years.

  • c Shannon-Weiner diversity index (19) was calculated as follows: H = −Σ(pi )(log2 pi ), where p is the proportion of an individual peak height relative to the sum of all peak heights.

  • d Evenness (19) was calculated from the Shannon-Weiner diversity function as follows: E =H/H max, where H max = log2(S).