Table 2.

Frequencies of OTUs within the Bacteria domain derived from the SSU rRNA sequences from a Chloroflexusmat hot spring in Iceland

OTUNo. of clonesBacterial divisionClosest database match (%)
CHI-155 Chloroflexaceae Chloroflexus aurantiacus (99)
CHI-215 Aquificales NAK14 (98)
CHI-314 Thermus-Deinococcus Thermus sp. strain NMX2 A.1 (98–100)
CHI-411 Meiothermus Meiothermus cerbereus (96)
CHI-5–CHI-88New divisions?Uncertain affiliation (<88)
CHI-95 Nitrospiragroup Thermodesulfovibrio sp. (97)
CHI-104 Aquificales Calderobacterium hydrogenophilum (96–97)
CHI-112 Thermotogales Fervidobacterium gondwanalandicum (97)
CHI-122 Aquificales Thermocrinis ruber (94)
CHI-132 Stigonematales Chlorogloeopsis sp. (99)
CHI-141 Proteobacteria; alpha subdivision Craurococcus roseus (90)
CHI-151 Proteobacteria; gamma subdivision Thiobacillus hydrothermalis (94)
CHI-161Green nonsulfur bacteriumOPB34 (97)
CHI-171 Thermus-Deinococcus Thermus sp. strain ZHGIB A.4 (97)
CHI-181 Meiothermus Meiothermus ruber (99)
Total clones123