Table 1.

Frequencies of the SSU rRNA sequences derived from theArchaea and Bacteria libraries obtained from a sulfur mat hot spring in Iceland

Library and OTUNo. of clonesBacterial divisionClosest database match (%)
 SRI-4069 Aquificales NAK14 (96–97)
 SRI-24033 Aquificales NAK14 (96–97)
 SRI-2724 Thermodesulfobacterium groupOPT4 (95)
 SRI-4815 Aquificales Thermocrinis ruber (94)
 SRI-937 Thermodesulfobacterium groupOPT4 (96)
 SRI-2516 Thermotogales Fervidobacterium islandicum (97)
 SRI-965 Thermus-Deinococcus Thermus sp. strain NMX2 A.1 (99)
 SRI-93 Nitrospiragroup Thermodesulfovibrio sp. strain TGE-P1 (95)
 SRI-152 Thermotogales OPB85-OPS66 (98–99)
 SRI-2372 Nitrospiragroup Thermodesulfovibrio sp. strain TGE-P1 (95)
 SRI-2802OP5OPS107 (98)
 SRI-2481 Thermus-Deinococcus Thermus sp. strain YSPID A.1 (96)
 SRI-1e1 Thermus-Deinococcus Thermus sp. strain ZFI A.2 (97)
 SRI-241New division?H1.43.f (82)
Total Bacteria clones171
 SRI-306112 Korarchaeota pJP78 (97–99)
 SRI-32527 Thermofiliaceae Thermofilum pendens (99–100)
 SRI-4654 Desulfurococcaceae Desulfurococcus mobilis (97)
 SRI-3701 Thermofiliaceae Thermofilum pendens(95)
 SRI-2981New division ofCrenarchaeota?WCHD3-02 (83)
TotalArchaea clones145