Table 3.

Comparison of the ratios of major Aquificalesbranches in different types of hot springs

Hot spring typeaTemp (°C)pHSulfide (mg liter−1)No. of clones analyzedNo. of Bacteria OTUs% of total clones belonging to the following AquificalesbranchbReference or source
Sulfur mat, Japan52–727.2–8.03–625No data00480 33
Sulfur mat, Iceland676.7121711409590This study
Pink filaments, OS YNP84–888.3c 0.2c 35307400 26
Pink filaments, Iceland886.91.76861.5871.50Hjörleifsdottir et al., submitted
Sediment, OP YNP75–936.7/7.6d No data312540.60.6026 16
Chloroflexus mat, Iceland65–708.311231831.6120This study
  • a YNP, Yellowstone National Park; OS, Octopus Spring; OP, Obsidian Pool.

  • b H, Hydrogenobacter branch; P, pink filament branch; J, Japanese branch; S, sediment branch.

  • c Information from Brock (6).

  • d Water/sediment; information from Barns et al. (5).