Table 3.

Comparison of the ratios of major Aquificalesbranches in different types of hot springs

Hot spring typeaTemp (°C)pHSulfide (mg liter−1)No. of clones analyzedNo. of Bacteria OTUs% of total clones belonging to the following AquificalesbranchbReference or source
Sulfur mat, Japan52–727.2–8.03–625No data0048033
Sulfur mat, Iceland676.7121711409590This study
Pink filaments, OS YNP84–888.3c0.2c3530740026
Pink filaments, Iceland886.91.76861.5871.50Hjörleifsdottir et al., submitted
Sediment, OP YNP75–936.7/7.6dNo data312540.60.602616
Chloroflexus mat, Iceland65–708.311231831.6120This study
  • a YNP, Yellowstone National Park; OS, Octopus Spring; OP, Obsidian Pool.

  • b H, Hydrogenobacter branch; P, pink filament branch; J, Japanese branch; S, sediment branch.

  • c Information from Brock (6).

  • d Water/sediment; information from Barns et al. (5).