Table 1.

Oligonucleotide probes used in this study

ProbeSpecificitySequence (5′→3′)PositionaTd (°C)Reference
ALF968α subclass of the Proteobacteria, several members of the δ subclass of Proteobacteria, and most Pelobacter-Geobacterspp.GGTAAGGTTCTGCGCGTT968–98558 35
687 Desulfovibrio and some species ofGeobacteriaceae TACGGATTTCACTCCT687–70248 5
660 Desulfobulbus GAATTCCACTTTCCCCTCTG660–67956 5
804 Desulfobacterium,Desulfobacter, Desulfobotulus,Desulfosarcina,Desulfococcus CAACGTTTACTGCGTGGA804–82152 5
Sval428 Desulfotalea,Desulfofustis CCATCTGACAGGATTTTAC428–44656 48
GPMost gram-positive bacteriaUnpublished41 28
CF319a Cytophaga-FlavobacteriumclusterTGGTCCGTGTCTCAGTAC319–33658 30
Gamma59816S rDNA clone sequences affiliated with endosymbionts and some other species in the γ subclass ofProteobacteria CGGATGTGAAAGCCCTGG598–61558This study
  • a Position in the 16S rRNA of E. coli.