Table 3.

14C-PLFA fingerprints of methanotrophic microorganisms that metabolize atmospheric methane in different soilsa

Soil type (location)Recovery of14C-PLFAs (%) in PLFA fraction:
Heathland (Zackenberg, Greenland)2.73.488.91.63.5
Mixed hardwood forest (Connecticut)4.66.788.00.7
Mixed hardwood forest (Maine)3.48.787.8
Rain forest (Pantanal, Brazil)20.53.373.52.7
Agricultural (Nørre Halne, Denmark)15.11.379.54.2
Beech forest (Rold, Denmark)
Beech forestb (Rold, Denmark)
Beech forestc (Rold, Denmark)30.50.966.52.1
  • a PLFA fractions are described in Table1. No 14C-PLFAs were recovered in fractions 1 to 4, 6, 8, 10, and 13.

  • b Soil samples were enriched for 24 weeks at 170 ppm CH4.

  • c Soil samples were enriched for 12 weeks at 10,000 ppm CH4.