Table 2.

Oxidation and assimilation of atmospheric methane in different soils

Soil type (location)Sampling depth (cm)pHKClNO3 (μmol g−1)NH4+ (μmol g−1)Oxidation of atmospheric methane (pmol g−1 h−1)Assimilation of atmospheric methane (%)
Heathland (Zackenberg, Greenland)3–
Pine forest (Klosterheden, Denmark)16–
Beech forest (Rold, Denmark)6–103.40.610.2322136
Agricultural (Nørre Halne, Denmark)6–105.05.890.141020
Mixed hardwood forest (Connecticut)6–
Mixed hardwood forest (Maine)6–
Rain forest (Pantanal, Brazil)4–
Rain forest (Pocone, Brazil)4–85.21.330.483338
Rain forest (Sumatra, Indonesia)4–
Rain forest (Dambri Falls, Vietnam)4–84.51.480.255254
  • a ND, not determined.