Table 1.

Vegetative cell heat resistance ofcpe-positive C. perfringens isolatesa

IsolateOriginDvalue at 55°C (min)
Food poisoning isolates carrying a chromosomal cpe gene
 NCTC 8239Europe, 1950sb16.5
 191-10United States, 1990sc11.2
 C1841United States, 1980sb13.6
 FD1041United States, 1980sb12.5
 NCTC 10239Europe, 1950sb12.3
 E13United States, 1960sd12.1
 Avge13.1 ± 0.9
Isolates carrying a plasmid cpe gene
 F5603Humans, Europe, 1980sb5.6
 F4969Humans, Europe, 1980sb9.1
 NB16Humans, Europe, 1980sb8.6
 B40Humans, Europe, 1980sb5.0
 222Veterinary, United States, 1990sb6.7
 153Veterinary, United States, 1990sb6.8
 458Veterinary, United States, 1990sb5.0
 Avge6.7 ± 1.5
  • a The results are averages based on the results of two independent experiments. The results were very reproducible for each isolate (data not shown).

  • b See references 9 and10 for further information on the origin of this isolate.

  • c Food poisoning strain 191-10 was kindly provided by Jared Kerr of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • d See reference 15 for further information on the origin of food poisoning strain E13.

  • e Average D value of eachcpe genotype ± standard error.