Table 7.

Competition between isolates of V. logeiin Sepiola juveniles, as determined at 18°Ca

V. logeistrainsRatio of bacterial strains in squid host species
S. affinisS. ligulata
SA6 and SL1244:5650:50
SA6 and SI754:4648:52
SA6 and SR150:5052:48
SA6 and SA1249:5153:47
SL12 and SR166:4449:51
SL12 and SI756:4450:50
SL12 and SL445:5553:47
SI7 and SR145:6543:57
  • a The results of individual competition experiments are average percentages based on 30 individuals. All percentages were arcsine transformed by methods described by Sokal and Rohlf (36).