Table 1.

EuropeanSepiola speciesa

SpeciesHabitatLocationSymbiontStrains isolated
Sepiola affinis Naef, 1912ShelfMediterranean Sea V. fischeri SA1, SA8
V. logei SA6, SA12
Sepiola atlantica d'Orbigny, 1839Shelf-edge of slopeNortheast Atlantic Ocean?NAb
Sepiola aurantiaca Jatta, 1896Outer shelf and upper bathyalSouthern Norway and Mediterranean Sea?NA
Sepiola intermediaNaef, 1912ShelfMediterranean Sea V. fischeri SI2, SI4
V. logei SI7, SI5
Sepiola knudseni Adam, 1984Inner shelfNorthwest and West Africa?NA
Sepiola ligulata Naef, 1912Shelf-edge of slopeMediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea V. fischeri SL2, SL8
V. logei SL4, SL12
Sepiola pfefferi Grimpe, 1921ShelfWest Africa and Mediterranean Sea?NA
Sepiola robusta Naef, 1912Outer shelfMediterranean Sea V. fischeri SR5, SR10
V. logei SR1, SR18
Sepiola rondoleti Steenstrup, 1856Shelf and upper bathyalMediterranean Sea?NA
Sepiola steenstrupiana Levy, 1912Upper sublittoralMediterranean Sea?NA
  • a Adapted from the data of Nesis (28) with permission from the publisher (TFH Publications, Inc.).

  • b NA, not available or collected in this study.