Table 3.

Intradomain signature sequence features in the region from positions 500 to 518 (E. coli numbering) for archaeal 16S rDNA fragments retrieved from the DGGE profilesa

1, bands a, j, and m2, bands b, c, n, and l3, bands d, f, h, k, and o4, band e5, band g6, band i7, band p
501G (Eury)A (Eury)G (Eury)G (Eury)A (Eury)A (Eury)G (Eury)
503G (Cren)C (Eury)C (Eury)C (Eury)C (Eury)G (Cren)G (Cren)
504AU (Eury)U (Eury)U (Eury)U (Eury)G (Cren)A
513U (Cren)C (Eury)GC (Eury)C (Eury)GG
  • a Eury, Euryarchaeota; Cren,Crenarchaeota.