Table 1.

Formation of labeled acetate and CH4 from14CO2 in gut homogenates ofCubitermes spp. in the presence and absence of external electron donors.

Termite speciesElectron donorFormation rate (nmol gut−1h−1)a
C. umbratus Nonec 0.0161.60
H2 d 0.273.21
C. orthognathus Nonec 0.0371.03
H2 d 0.232.66
Formatec 0.121.70
  • a Rates were calculated by linear regression by using the data points of two replicate assays (r2 ≥ 0.95).

  • b Calculated assuming that both C atoms of acetate stem from CO2.

  • c Incubation atmosphere: N2-CO2 (80/20 [vol/vol]).

  • d Incubation atmosphere: H2-CO2 (80/20 [vol/vol]).