Table 2.

Intradomain nucleotide signature features for the benthicArchaea 16S rDNA sequencesa

Position(s)bCrencEurycMarine planktonic group IdMarine benthic group:
Group I lineageGroup AeGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup E
30–553G-CY-RCrenCrenCrenCren Eury EuryEury
501–544C-GR-YEuryEury (G-U)Eury (G-C)Eury (G-U)Eury (G-C)EuryEury
504–541G-YY-REuryEury (U-A) A-U A-U A-U EuryEury/Cren (G-C) f
513–538U-AC-GCrenCrenCrenCrenCren G-U Eury
518UCCrenCrenCren Eury CrenEuryEury
658–747G-CY-RCrenCrenCrenCrenCrenEuryEury/Cren f
965GYCrenCreng A g Eury CrenEuryEury
1,074–1,083G-UA-CCrenCreng NDCrenCrenEuryEury
1,244–1,293R-YY-RCrenCreng NDCrenCrenEury (U-A)Eury (C-G)
1,252CUEuryEuryg NDEuryEuryEury A/Euryf
  • a Differences between benthic groups A, B, and C and planktonic group I and between benthic groups D and E are indicated in boldface.

  • b Numbering (nucleotide position) is based on the E. coli 16S rRNA sequence.

  • c Signature features of 16S rRNA gene sequences for the two archaeal kingdoms, Crenarchaeota (Cren) andEuryarchaeota (Eury) (59). R and Y represent purines and pyrimidines, respectively.

  • d Group I marine planktonic Archaeasignature features (9).

  • e Undetermined nucleotides are indicated by ND.

  • f Nucleotide signature features detected for clone APA6-17cm.

  • g Nucleotide signature features not detected for the ACA clones.