Table 5.

Indirect tests for monogenic and polygenic inheritance of Cry1C resistance in Cry1C-Sel strain using second instars by χ2 analysis (df = 1)

Conc (mg of AI/liter)Genetic modela
One locusTwo lociFive loci
3.160.580.4510.80.001b 152<0.001b
100.760.3810.20.001b 188<0.001b 153<0.001b
1000.940.3316.3<0.001b 153<0.001b
2005.170.02b 30.6<0.001b 105<0.001b
3166.690.01b 30.1<0.001b 57.2<0.001b
100014.8<0.001b 30.0<0.001b 36.5<0.001b
316012.9<0.001b 12.2<0.001b 15.8<0.001b
100006.500.01b 4.690.03b 8.300.04b
  • a Models assume equal and additive effects of loci.

  • b Observed mortality significantly deviated form the model prediction (P < 0.05).