Table 1.

Nitrogen fixation (C2H2reduction) activity of termites examined in this study

Termite speciesTermite familyCollectionNitrogen fixation activitya (nmol of C2H4 formed/ h/g [wet wt])
Lower termites
R. speratus RhinotermitidaeOgoseOctober 199616
 C. formosanus RhinotermitidaeOkinawaApril 199779
 N. koshunensis KalotermitidaeOkinawaAugust 1996210
 C. domesticus KalotermitidaeIriomoteApril 199733
 G. fuscus KalotermitidaeOkinawaAugust 199631
 H. sjoestedti TermopsidaeYakushimaJuly 199734
Higher termites
 N. takasagoensis TermitidaeIriomoteOctober 19970.7
 O. formosanus TermitidaeIriomoteApril 1997ND
 P. nitobei TermitidaeIriomoteApril 19972.5
  • a The activity was measured within 3 days after collection, except for G. fuscus, in which case it was 2 months after collection. Values are the averages of duplicate assays performed separately. ND, not detected.

  • b All collection sites were in the Japan Archipelago. The Ogose district is in the Saitama prefecture at latitude 36°N. Yakushima Island is in the Kagoshima prefecture at latitude 30°N. Okinawa Island and the Iriomote Island are in the Okinawa prefecture at latitudes 26 and 24° N, respectively.