Table 2.

Taxa of particular interest and their detection, type of colony morphology, and range of relative abundance observed during the experiment

TaxonDetection methodaColony typeRelative abundanced (%)Permanent presenceh
Vibriosp.PAb, ColcII, III, XVI5–60e+
Pseudomonas sp. strain MWH1PAbIV<0.1–80e+g
C. acidovoransPX54MAbIV<0.1–25e+
A. hydrophila PU7718MAb, ColXXII<1e
Colony type IVbColIV<1–80f+
Colony type VbColV<1–60f+
  • a PAb, polyclonal antibody; MAb, monoclonal antibody; Col, detection and enumeration by the plating approach.

  • b Taxonomically heterogeneous.

  • c For comparison of the two methods, see Fig.4.

  • d Range observed for both reactors throughout the experiment.

  • e Percentage of total cell numbers.

  • f Percentage of total CFU.

  • g Due to cross-reactivity of PAb not being ensured.

  • h +, detected in all investigated samples; −, not detected in all of the investigated samples.