Table 2.

Subdivision of serotype Enteritidis, Typhimurium, and Virchow RAPD types into phage types and subdivision of phage types into RAPD types

SerotypeNo. of strainsDIRAPD type-phage type analysisPhage type-RAPD type analysis
RAPD typePhage typeNo. of strainsPhage typeRAPD typeNo. of strains
Enteriditis420.74S01 B01 C01151S01 B01 C015
414aS01 B02 C021a
6a4a6aS01 B01 C014a
NPT2S01 B01 C066
Others4bNPTS01 B01 C012
S01 B01 C066a6S01 B01 C062
NPT2NRPcS01 B01 C011
S01 B02 C0211aS01 B01 C041
Virchow170.87S03 B04 C31868S03 B04 C316
341S03 B04 C341
S03 B04 C324a331S03 B04 C321
Others2bS03 B06 C361
Typhimurium590.96S12 B03 C11NPT796S12 B03 C151
232S12 B03 C161
802104S12 B03 C118
1048S12 B03 C126
1933S12 B03 C142
Others8bS13 B03 C151
S12 B03 C121046193S12 B03 C113
NPT2S15 B03 C112
S12 B03 C141042Others3d
NPT3195S12 B03 C111
S12 B03 C16961S14 B03 C181a
NPT1NPTS12 B03 C117
S16 B03 C1121S12 B03 C122
1932S12 B03 C143
Others11S14 B03 C132
  • a Reference strains were included.

  • b One strain of each phage type.

  • c NRP, nonrecognized lysis pattern; NPT, non-phage typeable.

  • d One strain of each RAPD type.