Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Bacterial strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
E. coli
 TG1 supE thiD(lac-proAB) hsdD5 F+ traD36 proAB lacIZΔM15 15
L. lactis
 IL 1403Plasmid-free 6
 JIM4886IL 1403 carrying pJIM2289 10
 JIM5647IL 1403 carrying pJIM3001This work
 pGFPuvAmpr, carrying a derivative of thegfp gene of A. victoria Clontech
 pBluescriptAmpr, E. coli cloning vectorStratagene
 pJIM2924pBluescript carrying thegfp geneThis work
 pJIM2279Eryr, cloning vector for gram-positive bacteria 25
 pJIM2289Eryr, pJIM2366 containing PhisD3 upstream of the luxABgene 10
 pJIM3001Eryr, derivative of pJIM2289 deleted from luxAB and carrying thegfp gene under the control of PhisD3 This work