Table 2.

Swine experimental infections with B. hyodysenteriae strains B204, Nox-Km, and Nox-Cm

InoculumNo. of animalsNo. of animal deathsaDetection of blood in fecesRecovery of B. hyodysenteriae from feces
No. of positive animalsAvg duration/positive animal (days)No. of positive animalsAvg duration/positive animal (days)
Sterile medium7100
B204 (wild type)144128.2b 129.9b
Nox-Km (nox mutant)14012.052.6
Nox-Cm (noxmutant)7032.033.8
  • a Includes natural deaths and deaths due to euthanasia. In the control (sterile medium) group, one animal died unexpectedly with symptoms of a systemic infection of unknown etiology. In the B204 group, one animal died of dysentery and three animals with severe dysentery were euthanized.

  • b Animals that died or were euthanized are not included in these determinations. Three animals inoculated withB. hyodysenteriae B204 remained positive for blood in feces and were shedding B. hyodysenteriae cells at the end of the experiment.