Table 3.

Indicators of 3,4-PCD in the sixRoseobacter isolates

IsolateIsolation substrateGrowth on POB3,4-PCD activityaHybridization with pcaHprobepcaGH retrievedpcaGH expression inE. colipcaH fragment amplifiedb
S. stellataE-37Indulin+++c +++
Y3FIndulin++d ++
GAI-16Yeast extract+++c NAe NA
Sulfitobacter sp. strain EE-36Indulin+NA NA+
S25com04POB+++d NA NA
IC4Indulin++NA NA+
  • a Enzyme activity was detected spectrophotometrically in cell extracts of POB-grown cultures.

  • b A 159-bp PCR fragment was amplified using the P34OID primer set.

  • c Positive Southern hybridization signal with the pcaHF1 probe was obtained.

  • d Positive Southern hybridization signal with the pcaHF1ND probe was obtained.

  • e NA, not attempted.