Table 3.

ARCC for known-source isolates from Page Brook watersheda

Sampling period (mo/yr) and sourceNo. of isolatesNo. correctly identifiedRate of correct classification (%)Largest source and % of misclassification
 Beef cows22619285Waterfowl, 8
 Deer21418486Beef cows, 7
 Humans25723993Waterfowl, 4
 Waterfowl19517489Beef cows, 5
 Beef cows19315178Waterfowl, 9
 Deer13110681Beef cows, 10
 Humans15213186Waterfowl, 8
 Waterfowl16613682Beef cows, 9
  • a For example, the first row of data shows that 15% of the beef cow isolates were incorrectly classified and that 8% were misclassified as waterfowl isolates. At least four different samples were collected for each known source.

  • b Prior to watershed project. The ARCC was 88%.

  • c Near completion of watershed project. The ARCC was 82%.