Table 1.

Electron donors and acceptors used by strain TCE1 and by some phylogenetically related Desulfitobacterium species and a related strain in batch culturesa

Electron donor or electron acceptorUtilization by:
Desulfito-bacterium sp. strain TCE1D. dehalogenansD. hafnienseDesulfito-bacterium sp. strain PCE1
Electron donors used with sulfite as the acceptor
 H2 b ++
 Formateb ++++
 Pyruvatec ++++
 Serinec +++
Electron acceptors used with lactate as the donor
 Thiosulfate+ NDd ND+
  • a Substrates were tested at concentrations of 10 to 50 mM. Growth was judged by examining optical density at 660 nm and acetate or sulfide production.

  • b Acetate (5 mM) was added as a carbon source.

  • c The substrate was also used fermentatively.

  • d ND, not determined.